Monday, February 13, 2012

The Show Is Over

The stage is empty. The audience has gone home. Who was I? I could have been anyone! I was the angry conservative Christian with a penchant for Icelandic stage singers. I was also the dessicated war veteran kept alive through the sheer will of his troubled daughter. Those characters have been put to sleep now, for the run of the show is over.

We continued our run of three Christopher Durang one-act plays on Friday night where we opened to a nearly full audience. I was allowed to add a few of my ad-libs back into the show which made me tremendously happy. Some other highlights from the weekend run included:
  • Friday night, I walked out onto the stage to see a friend whom I hadn't ever expected to show up to any of my shows because of her hatred for plays. When I asked her why she changed her mind, she said "I hate plays, but I love my friends". That may have meant more to me than seeing an entire row of supporters in the audience.
  • Saturday's audience was about the same size as Friday's and featured a spectacularly funny performance by my friend Rachel as Olga, first lady of the Icelandic Stage. The role of Olga requires a bit of improv and Rachel knocked it out of the park Saturday night. She had the whole audience in stitches.
  • Another director was in the audience Saturday night and told me how much he loved my interpretation of Steve in "The Nature and Purpose of the Universe". I played the role with some subtlety rather than going full-on angry all the time. 
  •  Sunday's audience was a little hard to reach and I don't recall much of the performance other than it being a technically perfect one with no missed cues or flubbed lines. 
  • We had a tiny audience on Monday, but, with it being the last show, we had a tremendous amount of energy. Tracy and I played up the confrontation scene between Herbert and Vivian in "Death Comes To Us All, Mary Agnes". Usually, Vivian tosses Herbert's book away and pushes him around like a rag doll. This time, when she took the book, I pulled another one out of my pocket. We spent the rest of the scene trying to make each other laugh. I even went to far as to whisper "VaginaBoob" in her ear. 
Once again, I was happy to be on stage and to bask in the applause of an appreciative audience. I probably will not be doing any more shows until this Fall because I have a lot planned during the upcoming months. Fear not, though. For, the stage still beckons and I will again answer the call. 

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