Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Stumbled Onto An Old Stag Beer Flyer

As a beer drinker, I'm fairly brand loyal to Sam Adams. I own a number of decorative taps, two branded beer buckets and even a Sam Adams Matchbox Car. Currently, I'm really fond of their Alpine Spring seasonal offering and have made that my beer of choice at my local watering hole.

When my brother, CJ Mac and I get together, we like to slum it by knocking back a couple of Stag Beers together. This was borne out of my Grandfather's love of Stag which was his #2 choice behind Old Style. I recall Granddad having a fair amount of Stag related Brewennia around the house including an old Stag neon sign and a framed flyer pushing for a Boycott on Stag. I saw the flyer as a child and was too young to understand what was being talked about in it. Words like "boycott" made no sense to me and I couldn't even pronounce "segregation", much less derive its meaning. So, the memory of that flyer got filed away within the nether-reaches of my mind. It all came back to me this past weekend.

It was particularly crowded at my favorite bar on Friday night and, instead of being able to sit at the bar like usual, I had to wait behind everyone in order to be served. The bar was so crowded that, while I was waiting, I had my back against the wall. A customer pushed through the crowd to get to the door and I stumbled back onto the wall, nearly knocking down one of the framed decorations on it. I looked over at it to make sure it was undamaged and noticed the words "Boy-Cott Stag Beer" on it. It was a Stag Beer flyer! The same type that my Grandfather had kept and framed.

Speaking with the owner of the bar, I was given a scan of the flyer and  was told that these flyers were circulated around Memphis, TN in the 1960's during the turbulent Civil Rights era. The flyer is reproduced below:

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