Friday, January 6, 2012

No Internet And No TV Makes TommyMac.....Something Something

I woke up on New Years Eve to find that my cable modem had quit functioning. Despite several desperate attempts to revive it, the modem just would not power on. Because of this, my internet and phone were out as well as any television in my home connected to a converter box. I could still get television directly through the cable, but that just completely sucked. I had been so looking forward to watching Dick Clark further waste away during New Year's Rockin' Eve.

I called my cable provider on New Year's Day and was routed to a tech support shop in the Philippines. Their approximations of American accents were very good, but it was obvious that they were reading from a script. I asked if I could pick up a new cable modem from my local office on January 3 and was told that I would have to have someone bring it out to me. I was told that it had to be done this way so that my old modem could be inspected for signs of intentional damage.

Okay, fine. So they arranged to send someone out today to look things over. And nobody showed up at the appointed time (a four hour window). A quick call to my cable provider revealed that the work order didn't process correctly and that I would have to wait another week. Unacceptable, right? Screw that. I resolved to call the competing provider and get service from them instead. They've got a two week waiting list.

Meanwhile, I have rented just about every movie available at any of my local RedBox kiosks. Once I got around to watching the dregs like Green Lantern and Bad Teacher I was ready to kick puppies. Had it not been for the delicious Cameron Diaz shamelessly flaunting herself in Bad Teacher, I might have sued the RedBox for emotional distress. I'm at the end of my entertainment rope.

Some good has come of this. I've spent more time actually cooking dinner rather than heating up dinner or ordering dinner. It has been fun making calzones from scratch or trying to perfect my recipe for fried chicken. Since I've got another week to dally around, I think I'll attack jungle of overgrowth on the edge of my back yard property line. This means power tools. Wish me luck.

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