Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ben Folds - The Best Imitation Of Myself

I  always worry when artists that I like release a retrospective album. It usually means that they're running low on inspiration and are on the verge of creative bankruptcy. After Ben Folds' last mediocre effort, an anthology might be just what Ben Folds needs in order to find some perspective get back on track. 

Best Imitation Of Myself is a 3 CD set packed full of hits, live tracks, outtakes and some new offerings. Disc 1 is a "best of" offering and, while it may not include the sort of tracks I would have expected to see on a "greatest hits" CD, it's still a solid effort covering Ben's commercially successful songs along with cuts that spans his diverse musical range. Disc 2 is a compilation of live tracks. I've never had the pleasure of seeing Ben Folds live, but he is known to be a silly, energetic performer who always delivers a good show. These cuts make me long for the day when I can see Mr. Folds perform in person. Disc 3 offers a number of rarities and there are some real gems on there, my favorite being "Break Up At The Food Court".

In short, Best Imitation Of Myself is a good buy for the casual listener looking for the highlights or the hardcore fan hoping to pick up some hidden gems.

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