Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Angry Birds

A close friend recently told me that she was going to San Francisco and planned to visit Chinatown. Knowing that she's a big animal rights activist, I sarcastically asked her to send me a picture of some chicken cages. I don't think she was quite prepared for the sight of live animals for sale, for she said that the sight of these squawking chickens flapping about in their own filth made her want to rip open the cages and scream "Amnesty! Amnesty!".

A number of animal rights activist groups have been working for some time now to ban the sale of live animals in San Francisco. This sort of move is often seen as a cultural attack, as 1 in 5 residents of San Francisco is Chinese and the Chinese traditionally buy poultry to slaughter at home for food. Something to note here when looking at these caged animals is that live poultry vendors have to adhere to standards of cleanliness and are often subject to inspection by the Department of Public Health. The chickens that you see caged in the storefronts of Chinatown are treated much more humanely than the ones that are kept in slaughterhouses, far from the eyes of tourists. After all, it's easier to get outraged by an atrocity that you can see in front of you

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