Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Off To The Scrap Yard

My derelict Saturn SL-1 had been haunting my driveway for nearly a week while I tried to find a buyer for it. Various "donate your car" charities turned me down because the thing wouldn't run. I eventually found a scrap yard one town over that offered to take it off my hands but it wasn't willing to pay any money for it. I was determined to turn that husk of an automobile into some sort of beer money if it wasn't going to charity. Finally, the car dealership that sold me the Mustang offered to take the Saturn off of my hands for $50 provided that I could somehow get it into their lot. Being less than half a mile from the dealership, I figured that it should be possible to somehow push it there with a minimum of traffic disruption. Perhaps at 2am.

I discussed the matter with a few friends over some drinks Friday night. Putting the Saturn in neutral and towing it from someone's truck was considered and rejected due to safety concerns. Someone brought up the idea of putting the car onto a car trailer, but, it turned out that nobody knew of anyone who had one. We soon settled on the idea of just pushing the Saturn to the dealership. We'd push it through a number of public lots, thus avoiding the street for 95% of the journey. All we had to worry about was a small stretch of main street just in front of the dealership. At 2am, there would hardly be anyone on the road.

We adjourned back to my house and began to discuss which of us would push and who among us would be trusted to steer. I claimed that, since the car was mine, it was my honor to drive it off into the sunset. I likened it to having to shoot my own lame horse. Just as I sat in the driver's seat, my buddy Jim came rushing over. He had struck a deal with his brother-in-law who owns an auto-body shop. He would buy my Saturn SL-1 for $100 plus a case of beer. And he would even pick it up for me.

So, it was with a heavy heart that I watched them drive off with my Saturn on Sunday morning. That car and I had been through a lot together. Still, I like to think that, as its last act for me, it provided me with a little extra Christmas money as a thank you for 10 years of adventure.

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