Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Payday The Heist Review

While sitting at our favorite pub last week, Jason's phone beeped loudly indicating that he had gotten a txt message from one of our gaming buddies. Jason looked at it and called the bartender to cash out his tab.

"We have to go", he said as he chugged down his last bit of Old Grandad and Coke. "We're supposed to be playing Payday: The Heist".

I was supposed to download it earlier that day but apparently hadn't gotten the memo. So, I did what any loyal gaming friend would do: I went home and downloaded the game from the PlayStation Store. The full game is $20 and, I'm sorry to say that, in its current state, it's not worth the money.

The maps themselves are very well designed. The AI, however, sucks hard. Payday The Heist gets around its retarded AI by just having enemies enter at multiple points and there's no way you and your team can watch every entry point, so the AI doesn't have to worry about stealth. Enemies just want to rush you which is fun because you can run them over to a choke point in the map and mow them down. It gets old, though, as the enemies seem to have only two switches: "Rush" and "Stay Put".

The real problem is the game matching system for playing with teammates online. It's complete, total and utter crap. It glitches out 75% of the time. You can play in single player mode with AI teammates, but you should know that AI teammates will never do anything to fulfill objectives. They are good shooters and can be depended upon to heal you if you are injured. You can also call them to come to your position or have them follow you.

Payday The Heist has the potential to be a very good game and when I am able to play online, it's a lot of fun. Is it worth $20? No, not in its current condition. It's best to wait for a patch or for a sale before you buy it.

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