Friday, October 7, 2011

The Marilyn Monroe Statue In Chicago

I spent last weekend tooling around Chicago's Loop pretending to be a tourist. I decided to walk from La Salle Street Station to Navy Pier. On the way, I happened upon the Marilyn Monroe  statue. The 26-foot sculpture is currently standing in Pioneer Court at 400 North Michigan. The statue was created by New Jersey-based artist Seward Johnson who is known for placing gigantic representations of pop-art icons in public spaces. Many Chicagoans will remember Johnson's "American Gothic" sculpture which represented the iconic farmers standing as if they they were waiting for a cab to get back to the farm.

The Marilyn Monroe statue was pretty controversial when it first went up back in July. The Zeller Realty Group, who administer the artistic installations at Pioneer Court, are well known for seeking out art that sparks conversation. At this point, a number of months after the statue's initial installation, it seems that Chicago's public is used to seeing Marilyn Monroe at Pioneer Court. At the very least, love it or hate it, the statue is a public draw and it has people talking.

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