Monday, October 3, 2011

College Now Calls Me

These folks from College Now called me recently looking to send some information along to Clovis. College Now obviously uses an overseas call center and the rep that I got sounded like he was reading right from the script. In the middle of the call, I shifted out of the Clovis voice and told the rep that I was a quality control manager for College Now and that I was very disappointed with his performance. Neither he, nor his supervisor had the requisite English speaking skills to understand me.


  1. These people call me 15 - 20+ times a day and it is totally out of control and now beyond harassment!!! They start EVERYDAY as early as 5:00 AM and do not stop until sometimes after midnight to 1:00 AM. THIS IS GOING ON EVERY DAY!!! I now am having to change my phone number, will have to call 100's of family, friends, important businesses, etc., to update my new number, which this just don't seem fair in anyway form or fashion. IF ANYONE CAN GIVE ME A PHONE NUMBER TO CALL THESE JERKS, PLEASE, PLEASE E-Mail me:, because I am ready to give somebody an ear full, plus would love for us to get together to STOP these international telemarketers from calling us. I filed a report with the local Police department, contacted an attorney, and if we can find out the company who is responsible, they will have to pay $4,000.00 for every call they are making after giving them appropriate notice not to be called again. This is the problem!!! My attorney can't send them a certified mail of a restraining order without a company name and address.



    Terry Duncan

    1. I am experiencing the same thing. Today alone I have had at least five calls where a person actually spoke and several others that were hangups or an automated female voice that says "Good-bye". I keep telling them to stop calling and to remove my name but yet they keep calling.

  2. I get two to five calls a day from this College Now. These people don't speak clear English and I have asked them to quit calling me. I have even registered my number with the National Do Not Call Registry. Yet, they still keep calling. I have resorted to being rude and cussing them out and it has slowed down to about every other day now. You do what you have to.

  3. These people have been calling me for the past 3 months. Almost everyday I get between 3-5 calls. Sometimes it's even 10-15 calls. I've asked them to take me off their call list, given reasons that I don't live there anymore and that I do not wish to be called. Before I even finish speaking they disconnect the phone. And of course call again!!! I've found out their website is from one of the reps. Apparently they have a toll free number there. Still to verify. Has anyone been able to get them to stop calling? I'm not even sure how they got my number :-

  4. I haven't had issues with them since I took the call on this page. If you get a call from them, just do what I do: Mess with them. They'll stop.

  5. They called me too, and once I started asking them questions I was transferred to a "supervisor" and he couldn't even answer a simple question as to what the name of the "scholarships" I qualify are. Then I was transferred back to the original representative. She got mad when I asked for the name of the company and website, she had the nerve to say that I was wasting their time. I was laughing soooooo hard! She got mad and hung up! Lol

  6. haha James Macanerny! That call was tight. I'm glad someone has gotten back at them. These people are horrible. I would do the same to them if I could get them to stay on when I answer. They just hang up as soon as I answer and It's is getting really old.

  7. same here it not even 12 here in CA and they called me 30 + time already. i need to do something about it. if any one find out anything please email me At my name is Andrew

  8. I, too have been getting calls from these people, several times a day, every day for the past several months. When I do answer the phone, they usually hang up but today I spoke with someone TWICE and asked them for their manager to which they replied simply, "No manager". I then got very stern with them and asked them not to call me again or else I would file a complaint but... they still call me!!!

    I am now seriously considering changing my phone number in order to get some pease in my life from these people.

    I started getting these calls from several different companies after I made the mistake of checking out several private colleges, i.e. Heald College, Everest College, Sanford Brown, etc. I suspect that one of these or all of them sold my information on to these call centers so my advice to anyone who is looking to further their education; DO NOT show any interest in these private colleges but contact your local community college or university instead.

    Alright, off to shop and compare wireless phone data plans now since I have to change my number...

  9. hey it is drew again. I ask them if I could speak to a manager and told the manager that I would contact the FBI and tell them about college now.They simply to me sorry to bother you sir have a nice day then hung up.

    you could reach me at if you have and Questions or comments

  10. I get at least a call a day if not 2 from these numbers: 92678, 011-926-78,000-000-00 I have been for the past few months. Sometimes they will take a break from calling me then the calling will continue weeks later. I can't change my phone number because I use it as my business phone. Tommy I emailed my info to you. I hope something comes of this because it seems like this company is picking up steam.