Friday, September 30, 2011

A Former Student Gets One Last Lesson

I was testing to qualify for a new position at work recently. A fair amount of people had to do the same thing, so the human resources office threw the lot of us in a room so that they could get the whole process over with for all of us quickly. I sat down near a gangly young man who had a weird smile plastered on his face.

"I bet you're going to ace this test", he said.

"Probably", I replied.

"Are you a ringer or something?" he asked half-serious.

"Excuse me?"

"You don't remember me, do you?", the young man asked seemingly dejected.

"Nope. Sorry. Should I?"

"You taught my networking class a few years back"

I still didn't recognize this kid and I wasn't in the mood to rehash ancient history with him, so I cut him off in the first way I could think of.

"That wasn't me,", I said. "You're thinking of my twin brother, Thomas. He's the teacher."

"He never told us he had a twin", my former student exclaimed.

"That's because he hates me. We're just so different. He's all goofy and in-your-face. I can't stand it".

"Yeah, he is a little much to handle", my former student said. "He's just always 'on', you know? Always joking. I was always wishing he'd rope it in"

Before I could retort, a fellow co-worker of mine who was also taking the test yelled "Hey, Thomas! You gonna ace this test?" across the room.

With that, my former student hung his head in shame. I smiled to myself, for I had taught a much-needed lesson to a former student.

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