Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hell Is Waiting Three Hours In Line

We arrived at Gen Con early this morning ready to take on the Con and bask in the glory of role-playing gaming goodness. All of us aside from James pre-purchased our tickets online and arranged to have them waiting for us at the Will Call booth. We teased poor James and told him he would probably end up waiting in line for several hours to purchase his ticket. We laughed, we joked and then we saw the huge Will Call line before us. It ran the length of the convention center twice over and then snaked out the door.

We waited for nearly three hours as the slow moving line creeped ever forward. I was starting to get passive/aggressive. A maintenance worker objected to us dragging one of the convention couches along with us in the line and I shot back "Don't you have some folding chairs to set up somewhere?". When a Gen Con worker walked up and down the line explaining that people who missed paid events due to the long Will Call line would be refunded their event cost, I sarcastically asked him if the refund line was as long as the Will Call line. We soon happened upon a minstrel with a lute playing to the crowd for tips. I asked him he knew a song called "This Line Sucks Ass". He said he didn't, but he could fake it, so I dropped some money in his till and implored him to play on.

After about three hours of Hell, we finally got our badges. James was waiting for us outside of the exhibit hall. He had run through the purchase line in a mere 15 minutes. I should really be pissed at the overall disorganization that caused this huge backup. But, I don't know what to attribute it to. All I can say is, it ran much smoother last year and lines this long were unheard of.

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  1. Same thing happened to us last year at ComicCon. They had a dozen booths open for buying tickets and 2 for checking in with pre-purchased tickets. The onsite registering booths were mostly unused, because everyone bought tickets online. Yet they forced everyone to stay with the two other booths and wait.

    Wasn't 3 hours, but it was well over an hour wait...outside in the heat for most of it too. Sucked Ass!