Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Fight Continues

It seems that every year I end up having to battle gangs of wasps invading the outside of my home and building nests in various places on it. This year, they have taken quite a liking to the area just above my front door. Over the last month, I have found and destroyed no less than three nests in the process of being built by these little buggers. No matter what I do, the wasps keep coming back.

While fighting this battle over the past three years, I've managed to slow the number of wasp incursions down to a trickle from the furious assault that was being waged upon my property. Before I go into details, however, it bears mentioning that if you do find a wasp nest, do not approach it. Also, if a wasp lands on you, do not swat at it. Just remain still. Agitating the wasp will make it sting you which will then attract other wasps.

How to keep wasps from coming back:

  • Keep food sources away. This means covering your garbage and making sure that when you throw out fruit, you tie it up in a plastic bag before throwing it out. Wasps are drawn to the fermenting sugar of decomposing fruit. 
  • Remove all nearby water sources. You don't have to drain your pool so long as you're using chemicals to keep it clean. However, you will want to make sure to drain any other standing pools of water and move any bird baths away from the affected area. 
  • Protect your flower boxes. There are a number of sprays you can use on your flowers to repel wasps. Personally, I just hang traps around them. 
  • Trap those suckers! When you do find and remove a wasp nest, it's a good idea to put up a wasp trap in its place. You can either buy one at your local hardware store or make one of your own by putting out a beer bottle with a small amount of beer left in it.

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