Monday, August 22, 2011

Everest College Calls Me

Everest University is a for-profit institution owned by Corinthian Colleges. A February 2011 Los Angeles Times article details numerous instances where Corinthian College graduates were lead into going deeply in debt with student loans for coursework that didn't lead to the high paying careers promised by the college's career counselors. Corinthian Colleges have a 40% student loan default rate, one of the highest in the nation. Because of crap like this, I have no qualms about giving the Everest College reps a little crap over the phone.

The Everest University rep who called me looking for Clovis McGrady was a natural mimic. Within a few moments of hearing my redneck accent, the rep slightly parroted it. Clovis isn't very big on grades. The only letters he cares about are U.S.A. and he told the Everest University as much. Each time the rep tried to transfer me over, I tried to keep her on by asking her a number of questions. At one point, the rep laughed at me and I feigned anger at her. Overall, she was a good sport.

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