Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Eat Here. Get Gas.

The old gas station slogan "Eat Here. Get Gas." has become ubiquitous in the genre of roadside humor. It is its own cliche. I can remember encountering one for the first time via some Bloopers and Practical Jokes television show back in the 80's. If you search the internet for the phrase, you'll find a number of hits pointing to a station in Tipton, IN.

This particular sign comes from Bud & Elsie's in New Buffalo, Michigan. Personally, I love this particular spin on the old cliche because of what it implies. Bud & Elsie's sells home-made food that gives you gas, liquor and groceries. What more does anybody need in life?

There is allegedly a sign out there in the wild with a crazier spin on this whole thing. It says "Eat Here. Get Gas and Worms" which can be found at K&T Pub & Grub in Snellman, Minnesota. I haven't been there myself, but if I ever get out there, I'll have a look. 

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