Friday, July 1, 2011

Crapo Insurance Agency

"Crapo Insurance Agency: Because Shit Happens"
As a former systems engineer for the Insurance industry, I've dealt with a lot of crapo insurance agencies in my time. Despite the craptacular nature of some of these agencies, I never thought I'd actually run into an insurance agency that blatantly admitted its crappiness by putting it in its name. But, that's exactly what happened recently as I was driving through the Midwest and discovered Crapo Insurance Agency.

The font usage on this sign makes my brain hurt. I think Mr. Crapo is trying to rise above his name by employing an Old English font for the "CiA" portion. Also note the odd lack of capitalization on the "i". I guess that was done just to make sure that you don't confuse Crapo Insurance Agency with the real CIA. Just a note here, Crapo: Old English fonts are best used with gothic themes, religious publications and 90's era rap albums.

I've blocked out the phone number to Crapo Insurance Agency so that my fans and others who stumble onto this post won't be tempted to prank the poor employees. That's MY job.

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