Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Big Bone Lick

This shot was snapped while cruising through Boone County, Kentucky recently. Big Bone Lick State Park has got to be the most hilariously named state park in the entire country. Finding out that this place was located on Beaver Road made me laugh even harder. Whoever named the landmarks and roads in the area had to have a perverted mind, right? Maybe not.

Big Bone Lick gets its name from the surrounding unincorporated community of Big Bone, KY. Big Bone was so-named because of the extraordinarily large mastodon and mammoth bones fossils found in the area. Big Bone Lick refers to a salt lick in the area where animals congregate to supplement their nutrient-poor diets with essential minerals.

Due to the fact that the Lewis and Clark expedition stopped there in 1803 and collected fossil specimens, Big Bone Lick bills itself as "the birthplace of American paleontology". President Jefferson was so impressed with the specimens that he sent Clark back in 1807 for the first organized vertebra paleontology expedition in the United States. Big Bone Lick was designated a National Natural Landmark in February 2009.

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