Friday, May 20, 2011

Some People Just Can't Handle The Big Easy

ChrisMac and I have walked these streets like two men just released from indenture. If we are not considered to be Kings of Bourbon Street, then we are at least Dukes or some other form of higher nobility. At the very least, we hold court at the Huge Ass Beers stand. And that's where we have met so many incredible people so far, including a group of hard partying New Yorkers and a gaggle of flight attendants. And, while it's fun swapping war stories and telling jokes, it doesn't take much to be reminded that too much of a good thing is hazardous to your health.

For the most part, the party goers on Bourbon Street have at least some amount of control over themselves. There is the occasional reveler who gets a bit too far into his cups. I've been witness to a small number of of people openly vomiting in the street. I even saw one woman who was so badly passed out that she had to be carried off by her friends.

Anyway, no matter what your reason for hanging out on Bourbon Street, make sure you drink somewhat responsibly. Failing that, make sure you've got someone you can trust along with you to drag your dunk ass back to your bed. And if you don't, you've got no right to be surprised when discover a clip of yourself on Youtube horquing all over yourself in full public view. Consider it a modern form of public shaming. This fine gentleman was none too pleased to discover a number of people taking his picture and shooting video of himself ruining his shoes via reverse-peristalsis. He did make a half-assed attempt to grab a few cameras but gave up when his puking mechanism engaged again.

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