Friday, May 27, 2011

One Final Story

I thought I would wrap up this New Orleans thread by telling the story about how ChrisMac and I set out upon an adventure to find some crazy dive bar at 3am.

Late last week, while drinking in one of the clubs at Bourbon Street, ChrisMac and I made friends with a number of the employees. When the bar closed down at 3am, we were invited to hang out with them at another bar a few blocks away. I put the name of the bar into the Google Maps app on my phone and ChrisMac and I headed out. The journey was fraught with danger, intrigue and hilarity.

Halfway to the bar, we passed a filming crew. I had no idea what they were filming, but some snub-nosed geek soon got in my face to tell me that I couldn't proceed down the street.

"Are you a cop?", I asked?

He told me that he wasn't.

"Then I'm not interested. Google tells me to walk that way, I'm walking that way".

I pushed the guy out of my way and walked further down the street. I heard someone yell "HEY! Who the hell is that on my set?"

"I'm Nicholas Cage, bitches!!", I yelled back to the entire crew.

After getting lead around in circles by Google Maps and after getting followed for two blocks by an inquisitive crack whore and her pimp, ChirsMac and I did eventually make it to the bar. By then, we were so exhausted, we didn't make for good company. Plus, ChrisMac kept referring to me as "Nick Cage's stunt double".

Maybe I was kind of a prick for pushing my way through the movie set. Still, I find it very satisfying to know that, somewhere out there on some random cutting room floor, there exists a clip of me telling off the crew.

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