Monday, May 23, 2011

The New Orleans Police

You'd have to be majorly drunk on Bourbon Street to not nice them. There's a significant police presence there, especially during the rowdier parts of the night. Some of them are on hoseback, some of them patrol on foot and I think I have even seen a few riding Segway scooters. These are the guys who are keeping Bourbon Street from descending too far into total drunken anarchy.

The NOLA police get the occasional bad rap, but, as far as I have seen, while they are perhaps a bit personally aloof, they do have genuine concern for the safety of the people partying on Bourbon Street. In the few incidents of street arrests that we saw over the week, the New Orleans Police Department (8th District) stepped in and handled the situation with professionalism and concern. I was so impressed with how they handled a particular incident involving a bar brawl that I visited the 8th Ward the next day and bought a T-shirt to support them.

Have a look at the arrest below:

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