Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Macs Take New Orleans

I took the red-eye flight from Chicago to New Orleans this morning. I was in the Crescent City by 10:30am. Part of me wondered if I would be landing amidst a chorus of locals singing "When The Levee Breaks", but I was happy to find out that Sweet Lady Gumbo wasn't in any danger of being drowned under the cresting Mississippi. ChrisMac wasn't due to arrive for another six hours, so after talking my way into an early check-in at the hotel, I dropped off my bags, picked up a cooler full of beer, a jug full of sweet tea and a bunch of 5 Hour Energy shots.

Once ChrisMac arrived, we started hunting for some food. The Po'boy place I had wanted to eat at was closed already, so we decided to scout out some restaurants on Decatur street and just slip into the first one that caught our attention.  When I saw a baby goat sitting outside the restaurant, I knew that we had to eat there. The food wasn't anything spectacular, but I got to play with the goat, which was very cool. I just hope the poor kidd doesn't end up on the menu.

Serving This Goat For Dinner Would Be Baaaaaad

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