Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I Saw Thor

Jason and Jim and I had been planning to see Thor since the first preview hit several months ago. Marvel Studios has been doing a great job making films with the properties they still retain the movie rights to, aside from the mediocre Iron Man II. Aside from his appearances in the Avengers and the occasional crossover series, I've never been a huge fan of Thor. However, the previews actually made me cautiously optimistic about this film.

I'll start out by saying that my eight-year-old daughter, who tagged along because my babysitter backed out at the last minute, had a one word review of Thor: "Boring!". I'm sure she means that overall, but I did catch her digging the scenes involving the frost giants as well as the battle with the Destroyer.

Personally, I think that the effects are fantastic, the characters are strong and have an a palpable depth. Chris Hemsworth as  Thor is inspired casting on the level of tapping Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark. Hemsworth's performance as Thor and ownership of the role is just shy of Christopher Reeve's interpretation of Superman. Anthony Hopkins as Odin surpasses Marlon Brando as Jor-El. The rest of the cast of Thor is rounded out well with some impressive A-list talent. The story itself is almost Shakespearean in nature although it does stumble a little and doesn't take as many chances as I would have liked it to.  

In short, Thor is a film that raises the bar for this year's comic book films. 

I feel I should also mention that, with the limited release of Mel Gibson's new film "The Beaver" this week, headline writers are missing a golden opportunity. Gibson's film has not lived up to studio expectations which may be due to Gibson's tumultuous private life, the film's quirky subject matter, Thor's presence at the box office or any combination thereof. Whatever the cause, I'm surprised that I have yet to see the following headline:

Thor Hammers Mel Gibson's Beaver At The Box Office.

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