Monday, May 30, 2011

American Intercontinental University Called Me

American Intercontinental University called recently looking for Reverend Clovis. The good Reverend was feeling very spiritual that particular day and was overjoyed that Jesus had sent a rep from American Intercontinental University to help him obtain a graphic design degree so that he could make pamphlets to carry his message out to the masses.

Some of the highlights of this call includes:

  • Clovis declaring Jesus' love for concealed weapons ("Praise the LORD and pass the AMMUNITION")
  • Clovis' singing a verse of John The Revelator
  • Clovis declaring his disdain for the Anglican church

I wanted to wrap this call up quickly, so I queued up a sound effect from my fx soundboard. I tried to make it sound like Clovis was in a horrible car crash, but I'm betting that the rep from American Intercontinental University didn't hear it well enough to understand what was going on.

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