Friday, April 29, 2011

We Have Butterflies

The butterflies that my daughter and I raised inside the Live Butterfly Garden that we purchased have finally come out of their chrysalises. Out of five caterpillars, five formed chrysalises and three emerged successfully from them. In a previous post, I explained how we received the caterpillars in the mail and that they stayed for a few days within their little habitat before climbing to the top and spinning chrysalises.

Moving the chrysalises from the caterpillar habitat to the main container that came with the Live Butterfly Garden was very tricky. The instruction manual isn't very clear on how to position the chrysalises within the container. I did understand that it's very important that the chrysalises hang down so that the butterflies can use gravity to help them emerge. I took the paper that the chrysalises were attached to, folded a quarter of it over and taped it to the bottom of the butterfly container so that it would be anchored down and the chrysalises could hang down naturally.

It took about 8 days for the butterflies to emerge from their chrysalises as painted lady butterflies. At that point, we put some diluted sugar water into the container for them so that they could have something to eat. Sadly, painted lady butterflies only have a life span of about a month, so we won't be able to enjoy them for too long. They are beautiful, though, and I think this experience was successful enough to encourage us to try it again soon.

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  1. that's so cool! i got one of these for my son's stepsister YEARS ago, but i don't think they ever used it! i thought it would be so cool! not sure my boys will want to grow butterflies, but maybe i can interest Dylan in it when he gets to be a toddler.

    looks like the Jesus Action Figure strikes again!! success!!