Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I Rooted My Nook

One of the coolest things about the Nook Color is its ability to handle having custom ROMs loaded onto it. Loading a custom ROM onto the Nook Color can add functionality or totally change how the device behaves. There are a number of popular ROMs out there that you can use in place of the standard Nook Color operating system. I went with Autonooter because all it essentially does is add the Android Market app to the Nook Color which then allows me to download and install Android Market apps. I did look into a number of other options. Here's what I think of the other custom ROMs out there.

  • CM7 - It's not a stable release and updated ROMs are published nightly. It has issues with its sleep mode which is detrimental to battery life.
  • Phiremod - It's essentially CM7 for the lazy as there are no separate Google Apps to install.
  • Honeycomb v4 - It looks great and feels smooth but you have to install the Android Market onto your Nook Color separately and that's a very difficult process.

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