Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday and Rebecca Black

I haven't been able to look at Friday the same way ever since I heard that awful song by Rebecca Black. Now, every Friday I get a piece of that damn song in my head without fail. It's like my brain is actively trolling me. It's a terrible song mainly because it was written as a rap and is being talk-sung by a thirteen year old girl whose voice has been autotuned into oblivion.

Despite the fact that "Friday" is turning out to be the current generation's version of "We Built This City On Rock And Roll", I have a modicum of respect for Rebecca Black as a person. She has been taking all the criticism and the death threats very well. It has to be tough. Personally, I don't blame Rebecca Black for that bland yet surprisingly catchy song. What 13-year-old wouldn't jump at the chance to be a pop star? No, I blame Ark Music Factory for writing the damn song, directing the music video and not taking responsibility for the whole craptacular mess when it was released.

If you think about, despite all the negative press, "Friday" is actually going to
be a net gain for Rebecca Black. Good, bad or indifferent, people are talking about her and that is going to translate into more money. Meanwhile, she's focusing on showing the world that she's a good kid. All the proceeds from "Friday" are going to relief efforts in Japan. That follows the old saying, "Earn your money like a dog, but spend it like a gentleman".

In the end, as bad as "Friday" is, the guy in the video below is much worse than Rebecca Black:

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