Monday, April 18, 2011

Droid Doesn't

It appears that my Motorola Droid is on its last legs. The touch screen is wearing out quickly, which first became an issue about a month ago when I couldn't slide the unlock bar across the screen to answer calls. It seemed like an mere glitch at the time and I chalked it up to Verizon's latest botched Android update. Since then, however, the deterioration has progressed and it has become difficult to access anything on the perimeter of the touch screen.

I'm eligible for an early upgrade from Verizon and my rep is pushing the HTC Thunderbolt. The Thunderbolt is a slick phone and is currently the only Verizon Android phone with a front facing camera. I'm considering waiting for the Droid Bionic which, to me, seems like a much better phone than the Thunderbolt. I'd have to replace my Moto Droid in the meantime, though, which will cost me around $90 depending on how I choose to replace it.

Meanwhile, I'm currently using an LG Envy 2. It makes calls and it can txt which covers most of what I need a phone to do. However, this past weekend while I was driving across the state through a nasty rainstorm to meet up with an old college friend, I truly missed Android's Google Maps Navigation app and Weather app. I've railed against being cut off before, likening it to feeling alone in the world. In this particular situation, while I was still able to make calls and send txts, I was unable to get my email, check Facebook, update Twitter or check in to Foursqure. I didn't feel alone, but I felt crippled.

Not two years ago, I wouldn't have cared about this sort of thing. I would have been happy to just be able to make calls. It seems that I've become accustomed to being able to do so much more with my phone. I've become part of the hive mind.

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  1. Hey, whats happening to your droid is actually what's killing most OG droids. It even happened to mine until I rooted mine and added a custom ROM. The issue is that the stock kernel is set at 550mhz with logcat running AND a dated governor; this is the triple entente of a slow phone. If you google around you can find some really informative guides about the process of getting a new ROM and I swear, it's like getting a new phone.

    As for getting a new phone, if you're still looking to buy, waiting for the bionic is probably a good idea. That or wait for the Samsung Galaxy S 2 (my personal choice).

    Hopefully this helps! If you want to know anything else, ask Mike Abid (he turned me onto your blog) and he can let me know.