Monday, March 28, 2011

The Scooter Store Calls

Looks like Otto Von Hurensohn has become a pretty popular guy. The folks at The Scooter Store must have known about his displeasure with the rep from Hoveround because a very pleasant rep from The Scooter Store called to help Otto in his quest to achieve freedom and mobility. Otto was, of course, thrilled at the prospect of finally leaving his home.

About 10 minutes into the call, the rep's supervisor breaks in and tells her that she needs to see her in the office as soon as she finishes the call. I was a little concerned that the poor rep was going to get busted for something related to the call, so I actually called The Scooter Store back and was ready to apologize and rise to Melissa's defense, if need be. I was told, however, that the rep was being talked to due to an issue not related to her conversation with Otto.

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