Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Air Hog Hawkeye Helicopter

My daughter and I both like the Air Hog series of remote control helicopters both for their fun factor and their durability. We've had a lot a fun flying various Havoc Heli models and crashing them into the ground and other structures. Ever since I recorded a video of my Air Hog Havoc Heli harassing my cats, I had been hoping that the Air Hog folks would make an r/c helicopter with a camera embedded.

The Air Hog Hawk Eye is the result. It's just as durable as its brethren, but it's unique design offers a number of flight challenges. For the first few flights, we struggled to get the trim setting right in order to keep the Hawk Eye from spinning during flight. Once we got the hang of flying, however, we had just as good a time with this helicopter as we had with previous models.

If you end up purchinsing the Air Hog Hawkeye, you're going to want to be aware of a few things. First off, it's controlled via infra-red rather than radio waves, so the controller acts much like your TV remote. You've got to be in a line-of-sight for this thing to work. And you need to be close by. Several times, the copter has just gotten out of range and we lost all contact with it (once it ended up on the neighbor's roof! Eeek! Thank God the ice storm pushed it off a few minutes later). Also, there's quite a learning curve to flying. Flying it outside can be a chore, especially in any appreciable wind. Inside, however, the thing handles very well once you get it tuned correctly.

You'll find a video of both an outdoor and an indoor flight. The Air Hog Hawk Eye doesn't record sound along with video, so I've set this video to music.

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