Friday, January 21, 2011

Remote Support Software

As an IT professional in my "real" life, I find that one of the most indispensable tools in my tech support arsenal is the remote desktop application. Being able to control a client's computer via remote support eliminates the need for me to spend precious time running between offices to solve computer issues. Instead, I can fix issues from the comfort of my own office, which allows me to be much more productive.

With the proliferation of internet enabled phones around the office, I have often found myself wishing that I had remote support software for smart phones. As it stands right now, if a client has a smart phone issue, I've got to either schedule a time to meet with them and look into the issue, which takes time out of my day, or I have to ask the client to leave their phone with me which lowers their productivity. What I really need is remote support software that will allow me to control a smart phone from my desktop.

Bomgar has answered my prayers with Bomgar 10.5 and their remote desktop control features. With Bomgar, I can control smartphones as well as computers and servers over the network from my own desktop. Instead of having to use a set of different applications for each platform, I can use Bomgar to remote control Mac, Windows, Linux, Blackberry and Windows Mobile from one convenient interface.

If you're in need of a remote support solution that will lower your support costs without compromising security, then try Bomgar yourself and see what a difference it can make for you.

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