Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pizza Fail

My favorite pizza place was destroyed in a fire about a year ago. It re-opened just before Christmas last month and I had been pretty anxious to drive the 10 miles out of the city to get some delicious pizza goodness. It just so happened that I was in that part of town the other night running errands and I decided that a visit to the pizza place was in order. I called from my cell phone. Busy signal. No matter, I continued on with my errands. I tried calling every 5 minutes or so and each time, I got the same result. Like an addict desperate for a fix, I pulled into the parking lot of the pizza place and stormed into the restaurant.

The smell of pizza permeated the room and, for a moment, I forgot that I was supposed to be pissed off. However, the line reaching from the counter to the entry way quickly reminded me. Once I got up to the counter, I expected to see a kitchen full of busy workers scrambling to keep up with an outrageous demand of orders. I expected to see a phone operator frantically taking orders and hanging up the phone just to have to pick it back up again. I saw none of this. Instead, I saw a kitchen staff dragging there asses and a phone sitting off of the hook.

"You know, it's pretty hard for me to call in an order when you leave a phone off the hook", I said to the cashier.

She looked over at the phone and shrugged her shoulders. "Do you want to order something?", she asked, seemingly only half-caring whether I wanted to or not.

"No. I don't think I want to patronize a place that is so blatantly rude to its customers. I'm going to take my business elsewhere.", I replied as I turned around to leave.

Just before I got to the door, I heard her call out after me. "You'll be back!".

Later on that day, as I bit into a marginally satisfying piece of pizza from a different pizza place, I realized that she's right. And that's what really sucks.

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