Monday, January 31, 2011

I Make The Movie, Jason Gets The Glory

About two months ago, Jason called me from Washington D.C. where he was attending some industry conference.

"You need to list me as a staff member on the website", he said. I was barely able to make out what he was saying amongst the din of crowd chatter shrunken down to munchkin-sized decibel levels. It wasn't an unreasonable request. I often bounce story ideas off of him and his opinion often influences whether or not I'll post something, rewrite something or completely discard an idea. He also comes up with story ideas and has been known to forward me some pictures to put up on the site.

"Alright, no problem. But, what's your angle?", I asked. I wondered if there wasn't some ulterior motive.

"I'm promoting the site while I'm out here. I need to be on it when I show people". Five minutes later, his picture and staff member status were posted.

Recently, after slogging away at the computer for six hours, I managed to produce a somewhat cool zombie flick using the Moviestorm interface. I very proudly informed the fine folks at Moviestorm of my creation and they enthusiastically promoted my movie via their twitter feed and their website. Soon, however, I began to notice a number of hits coming in from a Facebook link. It turns out that Moviestorm also promoted my movie via their Facebook page. When I looked at their link, I noticed that the picture they used to accompany the link was Jason's.

With mock-indignation, I called Jason up, informed him of the situation and jokingly told him to stop hogging all my fame. The laughter that exuded from the other end of the line nearly made my cell phone burst into flames.

"So, I get heaps of glory and I hardly raised a hand? This is what it must feel like to be you!", Jason exclaimed.

I'm never going to hear the end of this.

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