Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Christmas Coffee Miracle

I braved the cold earlier this morning to drag my frozen self down to a Christmas reception thrown by the administration office. In the past, these receptions had been somewhat grand affairs, offering some very satisfying hors d'oeuvres. This year, however, there wasn't much to pick through. Instead of sweedish meatballs and nacho chips with queso dip, there were sugar cookies and sliced fruit. It seems that the poor economic conditions have trickled down and dried up the budget for holiday festivities. I suppose I should have expected it, as last year's fest offered hot chocolate that seemed to have been made by running dust bunnies through a filter and dunking a few Hersey bars into the mix. Alas, there were no hot drinks this year, so I had to confront my arch nemesis, the Gourmet Coffee Machine, in the hopes of finding a hot beverage to warm my chilled bones.

Avid readers of this site will certainly recall examples of how this particular machine likes to troll me. So, it wasn't without a great degree of hesitation that I approached the machine. I made sure that the power was on and that the buttons were working correctly. I then opened up the beverage receptacle and ensured that there was not already a cup sitting in there, as it had happened to me before. Nervously, I put my dollar in and picked my selection. Good old 1-H-3. French Vanilla.

The machine whirred to life and I heard a cup drop down. I looked into the receptacle. Crapola! The cup was caught in the chute. With lightning reflexes, I reached into the receptacle and put the cup in its proper position just as the coffee began to flow. Thirty seconds later, I was drinking a cup of hot, delicious French Vanilla flavored coffee.

This victory alone was enough to fill me with the Christmas spirit for the next few weeks. Now, I'll have no need to visit with those three ghosts Jacob Marley keeps bothering me about.

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