Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mt Lyon Institute Calls Me

The fine folks over at Mt Lyon Institute rang me up recently. I was actually prepared to take the call this time and managed to stay in character for the duration. The rep from Mt Lyon Institute was impatient from the get-go and cut me off a mere three minutes into the call. She must have already gotten her recruitment quota for the month


  1. Not sure about your summary above, but you sound like a douche bag to the woman on the call. I'm surprised she kept her cool.

  2. That's the point. You're on the receiving end of a telemarketing call, act like a douche bag and see how the caller reacts. This one was a particularly well trained one who got off the phone soon after she realized she was being trolled. Others stay on for much longer either because they're clinging to the slim hope that they'll get a referral credit or because they're not allowed to hang up.

  3. thanks for the laughs! such predatory cunts, these people. and now I must go watch a few episodes of Crank Yankers. Cheers!