Friday, September 10, 2010

My Car Reaches A Milestone

While driving back from my road trip to Dave and Melanie's last weekend, my car went through what is considered a solemn right of passage for any automobile: It crossed the 100,000 mile threshold. I found this to be a particularly auspicious occurrence because I've never owned a car that even passed the 75,000 mile mark. I was obviously bemused enough to pull out my camera and take some pictures and video of the changeover, though I wouldn't have been if I had known what the car had in store for me when I got home. I swear, the second I got the aging beast of an automobile into my driveway, it decided to blow its brake pads and rotors. Never mind that the thing already was in dire need of three tires and a complete windshield wiper mechanism overhaul. So, in celebration of reaching over 100,000 miles without spontaneously combusting, I took the car in today for some much needed repair and maintenance work.

My mechanic couldn't be happier.


  1. Lol congratulations on your car reaching past its prime. Sounds like its time to take the boy out back with a trusty shotgun and put it out of its misery... or get a newer car. Up to you, I just thinking shooting a car would be bad-ass.

  2. Oh, believe me, I'd shoot it if it weren't my only means of conveyance right now. Well, that and my fear of ricochet.