Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Work Within The System

I swear, I'm trying to be a kinder, gentler TommyMac. A TommyMac that is less prone to resorting to zany schemes when confronted with a problem. A TommyMac who tries to play by the rules just like everyone else. In keeping with that, when I discovered that kiddo's mom was in the hospital yesterday, I offered to bring the little one out to see her in the hopes that a visit would make her feel better. Now, I had been prevented from bringing my daughter into the hospital for visits before, and knowing that those arcane "no children under 16" visiting rules were still in place, I figured I had two options. I could either sneak her in like I had done before, or I could actually appeal to the hospital administration, explain the situation, and see if a solution could be arrived at that would make everyone happy.

Putting on my very best professional voice, I called the hospital and was eventually connected with someone who had an influence on the hospital visiting hours policy. The policy is a leftover from the H1N1 scare last year. It was enacted to help prevent the spread of the disease to young children. I was informed that, since the scare is over, the policy is currently under review by a committee. And, we know that committees work at the speed of bureaucracy, so the policy just hadn't been re-written yet.

I prevailed upon the administrator on the other end of the phone to allow an exception for my daughter as I felt that a visit from her would be an essential part of the healing process for her mother. The administrator readily agreed, guaranteed that I would be allowed to bring the kiddo in for a visit and assured me that she would contact the appropriate nursing station to advise them of the situation. With that, I happily brought the kiddo in for a visit without being accosted by an angry nurse with a strict adherence to policy.

It's nice to work within the system when you can. I want you all to know, though, even if my request had been rejected, I still would have found a creative way to sneak my daughter in for a visit.

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