Monday, September 13, 2010

Google Voice Is Spoiling My Fun

It looks like the most recent update of Google Voice for the Android operating system has a pretty nasty bug. Whenever a user tries to record an incoming call, the caller is unable to hear the person who has been called after about 30 seconds. Of course, this usually leads to the caller hanging up. Reports of this bug are all over the Google Voice user forums and hopefully a resolution isn't too far away from being implemented.

But, what does this mean for me, personally? It means that some great opportunities to mess with telemarketers have been lost. I've gotten a few calls over the last week that have gone completely sour due to the Google Voice bug. Here are a few schemes that died because of it:

  • Telling a representative from Capella University, an online educational institution focusing on business administration curriculum, that I wanted to pursue a singing degree with them. They are, after all, "Acapella University" 
  • After telling a recruiter from University of Phoenix Online that Thomas Mac had been killed tragically, I proceeded to pretend to rant and cry like a distraught relative. I insisted that it had been his dream to attend University of Phoenix Online and that University of Phoenix Online should enact a memorial scholarship for him. By the time I explained that Thomas Mac had been killed after being run over by a beer truck driven by the Incredible Hulk, I realized that Google Voice had dropped the call. 
  • I asked someone from Walden University if they had a Klingon-American studies program. Thanks to Google Voice, the question fell on deaf ears. 
 I can only hope that someday soon, this Google Voice bug will be fixed, because, in the meantime, some great opportunities are being lost.

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