Saturday, August 7, 2010

We Learn About Zombie Stuff

Zombie Jason and Make-Up Artist David Thornton
One of the great things about GenCon, especially if, like me, you are not really into playing RPGs all day long, is the numerous informative events and workshops that occur throughout the conference. There's something for everybody in these events. Today, Jason and I learned quite a bit about making zombie movies. We attended a make-up effects seminar where we learned how to make some amazing effects on a tight budget. Jason even got in on the fun himself and volunteered to be a test subject for some of the effects. The goal was to make it look like he had an infected, rotting wound on the side of his head. The effect was achieved with a combination of latex and color palettes, was quick to put on and remained on his face through a full day of walking around GenCon and the surrounding area. It worked out really well and, as we walked around the exhibit floor later in the afternoon, people actually asked him how he got injured and if he was in any pain. The seminar was hosted by amateur make-up artist David Thornton. We learned quite a bit. I'd like to say that the seminar was worth the price of admission, but we didn't have to pay anything to get into this one.

After the make-up seminar, we attended a zombie directors panel discussion where directors from some well known independently made zombie features such as The Italian Zombie Movie, I Am Not Infected, and The Dead Matter discussed the challenges of making zombie movies. The zombie movie market is over-saturated these days and the challenge is often to bring something new and exciting to the genre. There were a lot of aspects to creating a movie that I hadn't considered, so I was really happy to get some valuable advice from everyone involved. I think we got a lot of great tips and some interesting ideas for us to use should anyone ever want to finance a zombie movie for us. Anyone? Anyone?

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