Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Real Men Aren't Afraid To Buy Tampons

My girlfriend was sick the other day and needed a favor. A HUGE favor. No, she didn't want me to assassinate some third world dictator as a show of my affection. What she wanted was much, much more challenging.  She needed me to buy maxi-pads.

Some might argue that real men would not even consider buying feminine hygiene products for their significant other. For example, it's not something my father would have ever done for my mother. I'm pretty sure that the word "tampon" wasn't one he would ever want to utter. Myself, I figure that my lady puts up with my quirky self on a daily basis, so I can be considerate and buy the stuff for her. Besides, I'm secure in my masculinity.

There I was, in aisle 3A looking for exactly what she wanted. Some sort of ultra thin with wings. I had repeated it to myself over and over so that I wouldn't forget it and end up buying the wrong thing and then have to exchange it. I mentally scanned the products, remarking to myself that I was quite a long way from my beloved electronics aisle. I sorted through the products, doubtlessly looking like some sort of Tampax connoisseur to those passing by.  Finding what the girlfriend needed, I proceeded to the checkout aisle.

Honestly, the act of buying feminine hygiene products is, to me, about on the level of buying toilet paper. I think nothing of it. It's a necessity. It's so inconsequential to me that, when I got a weird look from the tweaker behind the cash register, I looked him directly in the eye and said "Hey, at least I got a woman".


  1. Hey, it could've been a lot worse. I could've asked you to get ketchup, too. :)

  2. Lol it would've been worse if you would've also bought a women's wig, women's underwear and disposable shavers. Now that's a real test of your masculinity. If you want to test how fast you can run, get everything I said before, along with a box of matches and a butcher knife. Cops should be there in seconds.
    I like your blog, ill follow it and thanks for passing through on mine.

  3. if you're a grown man and you're afraid to buy your woman some pads man up. But you're not afraid to do other things to it when its not bleeding. But you can't help her out when she need you. Amazing .I go to the store to get pads for my wife whenever she may need them. No problem.