Sunday, August 8, 2010

Our GenCon Karma Circles The Drain

We probably should have known that the complete lameness of Bowling Night of the Living Dead was an omen of things to come. Before heading out to the GenCon Pajama Jammie Jam last night, Jason needed to stop at his vehicle which was parked in a parking garage across the street from our hotel. It turns out that we picked the one parking garage in the greater downtown Indianapolis area that closes on the weekend. Jason's car was locked in and there was no way we could get access to it. Thus, we spent the evening lamenting our bad luck and generally counting up the ways in which this trip has been cursed.

Thankfully, this particular story has a happy ending. Just as Jason was beginning to re-check into the hotel, the concierge made some phone calls to the security folks in charge of the garage and managed to get someone who could open the gates so Jason could get his vehicle out. Of course, this was AFTER the trip was technically over, so it may very well mean that our karma for GenCon 2011 is still as soiled as a newborn baby's diaper.

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