Tuesday, August 10, 2010

History Channel Post 2012

With December 21, 2012 vastly approaching, I've begun to wonder what sort of programming History Channel will ofter after that date, assuming that we all survive. Personally, I think that the very notion that the world will end in 2012 and that the Mayans recognized and predicted this event is beyond absurd. Buying into that farce would be like buying a calendar at Wal-Mart and assuming that the world would end on December 31 because that's as far as the calendar goes. Still, History Channel has been inundating us with 2012-related programming for over a year. Once they've squeezed all the blood out of that stone, they'll have to come up with SOMETHING. Here are a few ideas:

  • Skim the bitter dregs of Hitler related programming with shows like:
    • Hitler's Dance Grooves
    • Inside Hitler's Outhouse
    • The Plot To Wash Hitler's Uniform
    • Beneath Hitler's Pajamas
    • Hitler's Secret Santa
  • Fall back on cheesy Nostradamus documentaries
    • Nostradamus Refuted 2012
    • Nostradamus: 2013 And Beyond!
    • Nostradamus' Psychic Grandson
  • Mine the 2012 hype even further
    • 2012: Why It Didn't Happen!
    • We Goofed: Dyslexic Mayans And The 2021 Apocalypse
    • History Of The 2012 Phenomenon
  • Find another apocalypse to focus on
    • 2016: The REAL 2012
    • The Apophis-Apocalypse
    • Two Covenants: Abraham, Jesus And The 2034 Apocalypse
    • The Unix Millennium Bug

That's not to say that all the programming that History Channel offers is complete dreck. I quite enjoyed watching their recent documentary on the War of 1812 and I have to admit that Life After People is a guilty pleasure of mine. However, it seems more and more that History Channel is manufacturing hype and disguising it as history rather than making programs on actual history. How long until we start getting crap like: Ancient Alien Pirate Ghosts?

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