Friday, August 27, 2010

Alright, I Fell Off The Wagon

I think that a week-and-a-half without my cell phone is long enough. I can't say that I was starting to get annoyed that people were unable to reach me on the merest whim, but I can say that my not being able to make phone calls at my own conveneince was starting to get to me. The most annoying experience had to be when I came into work on a Saturday morning and found that the door to my building was locked. I had to hike around a bit in order to find an open phone so that I could call one of my colleagues to let me in.

So, as of this morning, my cell phone is active once again. I'm going to try to be more responsible in using it and try not to consult it every few minutes. Technology is neither good nor bad, it's what we do with it that determines the outcome.

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