Saturday, July 24, 2010

Save The Historic Folger's Plant

I consider myself something of a coffee connoisseur. While many Americans may drink coffee just for the caffeine buzz, I actually enjoy and appreciate the taste of coffee. As a fan of the beverage, I took notice when it was announced that Folger's would be closing its historic plant located in Kansas City. In yet another douche-bag corporate move to "consolidate operations", plant operations will be relocated to Smuckers headquarters in Ohio. This may not seem like a big deal to a lot of people, and, indeed, it probably won't affect the taste of your favorite Folger's brew. However, the closing of the plant will mean job losses for Kansas City and the locale will also lose an iconic building. There's some hope that the plant won't be turned into condos.

While I personally envision the corporate folks at Folger's issuing a statement saying something like "We've secretly replaced the old Folger's plant in Kansas City with condos. Let's see if anyone notices", a blogger named TheSnackHound has some interesting ideas on what to do with the old building. TheSnackHound suggests leaving small operations in the plant as a tourist attraction and allowing visitors to taste various coffee roasts and possibly create their own. It sounds like a good idea to me and, were I in Kansas City, it's something I'd take some time out to go and experience.


  1. May I ask why you don't want it turned into condos? Here in Holyoke, we would all do a little dance if someone could make the numbers work for turning our millions of square feet of brick mill space into condos!

  2. I'm not against them turning the building per se. It beats the alternative of tearing the building down altogether. However, given its historic significance as a coffee plant, I'd really like to see it retain some bit of that tradition.