Thursday, July 29, 2010

Really Getting Ticked Off At Blizzard

It has been over a week since I was informed that my World of Warcraft account had been compromised and suspended. I managed to get the password reset and get all of the gear belonging to each of my characters restored. The one remaining issue is the authenticator code. An authenticator is a set of random digits that are associated with your username and password. Each time you log in to your World of Warcraft account you have to input the authenticator code as an extra layer of security. This unauthorized authenticator code is all that stands in the way of my return to Azeroth. The problem is, despite five e-mails asking for it to be removed and endless hours in the tech support hold queue, the issue still has not been resolved and the customer service reps over at Blizzard don't seem to understand what I am asking to them to do.

I'm frustrated. I'm angry. And I have a huge desire to take it out on the next live person I reach at Blizzard. But, I'm not going to lose my cool. I'm not going to lash out. It's easy to slip into asshole mode under these sort of circumstances, whether it be due to a technical support issue, poor service at a restaurant or an important order gone wrong. I have lost it on certain extreme occasions in the past, but, this time, I'm determined to remain calm, even if the Blizzard rep is horribly rude to me again.

Some people call this "having class" or being a gentleman. Kindness is its own reward and generally it indicates that you lead a happy life when you spread some small measure of humanity and respect in a world overrun with the opposite. In the end, World of Warcraft is just a game. No lives are hanging in the balance while my account is in limbo. I want my account back, but I've got other things that are worth holding onto.

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