Monday, July 26, 2010

My Shoes Are Always Untied

Ever since kindergarten, I have seldom bothered to tie my shoes. Back in the day, before the rampant popularity of Velcro or bungee cord, I was forced to learn how to tie my shoes using the standard bow knot. My five-year-old mind couldn't grasp the concept even with the help of the "bunny chases the other bunny around the tree and through the hole" metaphor. Mrs. Woodyatt, my kindergarten teacher, was thoroughly displeased. Although, having had both of my older brothers and my older sister in her class throughout the years, I'm sure she was used to Macs disappointing her.

I had failed to learn how to tie my shoes in kindergarten, yet, despite this, and despite my propensity to spell my name backwards, I was still considered to be a gifted student. While attending my weekly accelerated learning class at a local Jesuit institution, I was instructed on how to tie my shoes properly. The teacher, instead of sitting in front of me and showing me, sat behind me and guided my hands in the appropriate manner. It didn't take long for me to grasp the concept this time. Indeed, I even learned methods beyond the standard bow, including the granny knot. I was, of course, proud of my success and was even more proud when I was sent to Mother Superior to demonstrate for her. She gave me a bouncy ball and two holy cards.

You might argue that my refusal to tie my shoes thirty years hence is an act of rebellion, a virtual bird-flipping dedicated to the harsh treatment I received at the hands of Mrs. Woodyatt. And you might be right. Truth is, I don't do much during the day that requires me to keep my shoes firmly clasped to my feet and I find that I feel more comfortable with my shoes untied. Besides, it's just another thing that makes me unique.

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