Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dragnet: SimCity

I made this movie about two years ago using a game called The Movies by Lionhead Studios as well as some elements from The Sims 2 and SimCity 4. It's sort of a combination of the Dragnet TV series and 70's era cop drama movies. I wasn't too terribly pleased with the end result as The Movies doesn't allow for a level of customization that was required for me to make the story flow seamlessly. It feels a little blocky to me and I'm always a tad embarrassed when I provide all the voices for an animated project.

Still, I am my own worst critic. Upon reviewing this movie recently, I have found that there are many aspects that I like about it. I like how it flows much like an actual Dragnet episode. I like how I was able to shoehorn a story into the form that The Movies had given me. It may actually be worth watching. Have a look for yourself.

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