Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The 90's Are Back!

It is said that nostalgia trends tend to reach back about 20 years. First Futurama, now Beavis and Butthead ... is the 90s revival in full swing yet? There has been one for quite sometime. On the TV front there was Melrose Place 2.0, 90210 etc. VH1 resurrected Divas, Save the Music, Behind the Music, Storytellers etc. Lilith Fair came back this year. Now Beavis & Butthead are returning to MTV for a 13 episode stint.

The problem is you can't go back! Sure it is nice to see something from our youth back after pining away for it but then it turns out to be a horrible bastardization of the original to the point where you can barely recognize it beyond just the trappings. Futurama has been very uneven, Melrose Place 2.0 sucked worse than the original, Behind the Music is featuring flash-in-the-pan artists and the Lilith Fair is a lumbering zombie of a music festival.

I'd rather something end and not be brought back than have crap like Karate Kid, Bionic Woman, Knight Rider, Melrose Place, Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, Lilith Fair etc where some young idiot gets a hold of them and defiles them. In situations like these, I look to John Lennon who often said that one of the primary reasons why the Beatles never re-united (aside from Yoko being a pain and Paul's ego getting in the way) was because he knew it could never be as good as their first run through. It's better to go out on top and leave the audience wanting more than to make comeback after disappointing comeback.

Sadly, where there's money to be made and a franchise to be milked, there will always be a dormant property waiting to be resurrected.


  1. I have noticed the same thing! What's next a new Saved by the Bell? Even NKOTB are making a comeback. Anyhow just a GenCon'r checking out your blog. See you in a few days!

  2. I think if anyone else had said it, they'd be right. But Lennon, I think, may have been untruthful in that statement.