Monday, June 7, 2010

TommyMac Takes Tech Ed!

Here I Am Waiting For The Impending Nerd Herd
I spent the better part of the day investigating the wonders of the Microsoft Tech Ed 2010 conference. This is probably the largest work related conference I have ever attended and the experience is already proving to be a bit overwhelming and it's only the first day. The swag alone weighed me down quite a bit. All attendees received a very cool Tech Ed 2010 backpack with a stainless steel water bottle. Believe me, with the heat and humidity of New Orleans, the water bottle came in very handy. But, as I visited several vendors in the Exhibition Hall at various times during the day, I was given more and more swag. I was actually turning down items at times, yet, still, I ended up with two baseball caps, six t-shirts, three stress balls, a do-rag, a shot glass, and pages upon pages of printed promotional material. I lugged that backpack around to various learning sessions and nearly threw my back and my knees out because of it. Still, I'm learning a lot and making a number of good networking contacts.

Oooh! Historic!
After the conference today, I headed out for a little bit to see what New Orleans had to offer outside of Bourbon Street, although I did have dinner at Sammy's Seafood Restaurant on Bourbon Street. They had a jambalaya and fried catfish special that was very good and well worth the price. From there, I went to Cafe du Monde for some café au lait and some beignets. The coffee tastes pretty good on its own but something I enjoyed doing was putting the excess powdered sugar into the coffee for that extra sweet taste. From its location on Decatur Street, I hopped over to the Saint Louis Cathedral, which is the oldest continuously operating cathedral in the United States. The cathedral was designated as a minor basilica by Pope Paul VI in 1964. It's right next to Jackson Square which early New Orleans was originally centered around. Back then it was called the Place d' Armes. After the Battle of New Orleans, in 1814, it was renamed Jackson Square after general Andrew Jackson who kicked the invading British Army's ass. In the center of the park stands an equestrian statue of Jackson erected in 1856.

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