Sunday, June 13, 2010

Thoughts On The New Orleans Trip

Despite the heat, the humidity, the seafood induced heartburn and incredible bouts of homesickness, I had a very good time at Microsoft Tech Ed 2010 and in New Orleans. Looking back at the trip and what I have written about it, I would like to go over a few points that didn't easily lend themselves to individual posts.

  • I stayed at the Holiday Inn French Quarter on Royal Street. It was a nice hotel and the location was great. Being just one block off of Bourbon Street, I was in the thick of the excitement without having to deal with the noise of the street afterward. The staff was super friendly, knew me by first name on sight and every single one of them always had a smile on. The hotel itself needs a little updating, which, as I understand it, they are in the middle of doing. Should I ever go back again for business, I would definitely consider staying there again. 
  • I flew to and from New Orleans on AirTran Airways. Their fleet of planes is a young one, with no plane being older than five years. As an uneasy flier on a tight budget, it was nice to be able to fly on an airplane that wasn't built before SkyLab. 
  • New Orleans is a wonderful, vibrant, friendly city. It's rich in history, culture and tradition. I'm glad I got to spend some time there and experience a little of what New Orleans had to offer. 

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