Friday, June 4, 2010


Children across America are going to throw the mightiest of temper tantrums as their beloved Shrek glasses, promotional items sold by McDonald's as a tie-in with the movie "Shrek Forever After" are pried from their dainty grips. McDonald's is recalling the drinking glasses because federal regulators found they contain the toxic metal cadmium, which poses health risks. It is not publicly known where the glasses where produced, but wherever they were made, allowing carcinogenic laced paint to be used was certainly a gross ogre-sight. If you ask me, they should also recall the movie itself, as "Shrek Forever After" was even worse than "Shrek The Third".

In all seriousness, it's nice to see McDonald's reacting quickly to this issue. It's a real no-brainer for McDonald's. By reacting quickly, they appear concerned for the safety of their customers, which will be especially well received after the recent BP oil leak debacle. Also, lots of people will never find out about the recall and keep there glasses, so +$2 for McDonald's. For those who do decide to return their glasses to McDonald's, you know they're not going to leave empty handed. They will certainly stop and grab some food, totaling much more than $2.

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