Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fun Things To Do At Microsoft Tech Ed 2010

Tech Ed is Microsoft's annual conference for developers and IT professionals. This year, Microsoft Tech Ed is being held in New Orleans. The conference offers presentations, whiteboard sessions and hands-on labs which provides the Microsoft professional a great opportunity to obtain a more in-depth understanding of Microsoft products. There are also some great networking opportunities because the attendee is able to meet with Microsoft experts, MVPs and community members through social gatherings, community access areas and Ask the Expert sessions.

While there's a lot to learn at Microsoft Tech Ed 2010, there's also a lot of fun to be had by those willing to brave the circus-like atmosphere of the Exhibition Hall. If the vendors seem like carnival barkers, it's because Microsoft Tech Ed attracts the best and brightest presenters that technology companies have to offer. These presenters showcase their products in the Microsoft Tech Ed Exhibition Hall using techniques that are designed to draw the potential customer in. Here are some of the fun things that were available to do at Microsoft Tech Ed 2010.

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